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Ascending from obscurity to become one of the most sought-after names in the dance music scene, the last few years have been exceptionally good to Kryder. Deciding at a very young age that his only career path would be one in music, it would take another few years before he stepped out of the shadows into the eyes and ears of today’s mega producers.

After giving fans something back with his free music imprint Sosumi Records, which ran for 100 releases, 2018 sees Kryder branch out with Kryteria Records, partnering with the formidable Spinnin’ Records to create the label arm of his hugely successful Kryteria Radioshow, which itself is syndicated to over 100 FM stations worldwide, with over 100,000 weekly subscribers on iTunesKryder will start as he means to go on and set his stall out from the off, with the label’s debut offering coming from one of dance music’s biggest names, and you can be sure to see Kryteria live in cities across the globe in 2018 and beyond. Kryder also has a catalogue of remixes and originals forthcoming, delving into the realms of pop, dance and beyond to showcase his diversity across an ever-widening spectrum, as Kryder’swork ethic and ability to deliver at the highest level continues to skyrocket and place him firmly in the higher tier of dance music’s elite.