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Mc Spyder started out in the UK playing a variety of clubs, parties and bars, pushing his unique voice and sound with his team of creators such as DJ Timmy Boomkat, MJ Cole and many other producers of the modern sound we all know today. As one of the people to introduce XXX to the UK garage sound, he has evolved as the times changed continuing to push his limits, offering the next level of what he has been exposed to in his wide spread travels. Spyder has been a fixture of the Amsterdam music scene for over 1o years. The first single they dropped, “I Dream Of You Baby” was a huge success in the UK and Netherlands dance scenes, finding its way in to almost every DJ’s bag of tricks for some time. Spyder came back in 05 working with Olav Basoski on a track called “Waterman”, this appropriate title echoed the flood gate of success the track would go on to achieving. Eventually ending up with the coveted Gold Record staus in the EU, released in over 25 countries and toping the dance charts in many hotspots around the world. Following up the success of WaterMan, Olav and Spyder hit off “Like dis” featuring a remix by Freddie Le Grand. Hitting the decks in 06 it found a strong hold on many DJ’s ears and was another strong showing of the unique vibe Spyder flows with.

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Sky Garden Bali
Legian 61 Kuta, Bali 80361
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