How Much is Sky Garden BBQ All You Can Eat and Drinks?

The price is 99k, starts from 5PM to 9PM daily.

Are you open everyday?

Sky Garden open daily 5PM – 5AM, from Monday to Sunday.

What’s the BBQ Menu today?

Please take a look on – Sky Garden’s BBQ Menu

What drinks included in “All You Can Eat” Promo?

The free flows included Beers, Smirnoff Ice, Mix Max Vodka coolers, Vodka Redbull, Softdrink, Water, OJ

I am a Famous DJ and I want to play at Sky Garden Bali!

Please Submit your presspack through here.

Should I make a reservation for BBQ “All You Can Eat” Promo?

Reservations are for Bottle service only.
Please do not hesitate to contact 0361-755423 for reservation or click this link