Yasmin’s love for music began at an early age when she was exposed to a vast variety of musical influences as a young girl growing up in the cosmopolitan and cultural melting pot of Jakarta. Her genuine love for music led DJ Yasmin to utilise her talent and passion at the tender age of 19 by trying her hand at being a DJ, having picked up the techniques and skills from her best friend, all the while constantly improvising and developing herself. In his career as a professional DJ, Yasmin has collaborated with several musicians in Indonesia, such as Shanty, Tompi, Titi Sjuman, Risma Indonesian Idols, Angel Percussion, Tommy Saxophone, Ditha Violin, Nidya, Fairus Faisal and many more. Now Yasmin is being doing Live P.A. Project with Dhea Ananda, Jawa Maliq D’essential and also she doing music production and soon will be coming her new single in the end of 2010. Her professionalism and experience have brought her recognition among many clubbers in Indonesia and she is currently very much sought after by clubs all over Indonesia. The future for DJ Yasmin promises yet more success, as she continues to take the breath away from everyone on the dance floor.