Quentin Mosimann

Quentin Mosimann (born 14 February 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland) is an international DJ. He is currently The World’s #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJs poll. Quentin Mosimann took up his career of DJ in the south of France, by Saint-Tropez when he was only 14. At age of 20, he won the French TV reality show Star Academy, and met a large success with 2 albums in Universal Music (‘Duel’ & ‘Exhibition’) and a tour with a show at the famous Olympia of Paris. That was a stairway to his current international career of “DJ Singer”. Quentin Mosimann was born in Geneva on 14 February 1988, of a Swiss father (a native of Berne in German-speaking Switzerland) and a French mother. However, he only had that Swiss nationality. He moved to Hyères, Var, by Saint-Tropez in 2005 where he performed, under the pseudonym John Louly, as a DJ, at the NJoy club, with John Revox and Christian Sims. He became one of Top 100 DJs on 2012(#74), 2013(#69), 2014(#72), and 2015(#93), also fourth French best DJ in the world, and he released his 3rd album ‘The 8 Deadly Sins’ in DJ Center Records, electro and progressive-house Last Played : January 2016